Crock Pot Chicken Broth


I hate buying chicken broth, but love to use it. Recently I began reading how easy it is to make. Some people have fancy recipes but the fact is, it is so easy that it is hard to mess up.
 Chicken (or turkey) Bones – (I also save any skin, tendons, or fatty parts that don’t get used)
 Vegetables
 Water
 Cider Vinegar (optional)
Okay, this week I bought a whole 4.2 lb. chicken for $3.77. I roasted it myself, took the meat off the bone for a recipe later in the week and put the bones/carcass in the crock pot. If you choose not to roast your own chicken you can buy one roasted for about $5.00.

Next I look for vegetables. You don’t have to get fancy here, use what you have on hand. I almost always have onion, carrots and celery. But you could put anything you want. Clean and cut veggies and put them on top of your bones.

Then I fill the crockpot with cold water until the bones and veggies are completely covered. I like to measure the water before and then compare how much I have when it is done. If you are using cider vinegar, add it with the water, about a tablespoon. I am not sure the science behind this, I have read a lot of recipes but one in particular said to soak the bones without heat for about an hour.
After the soak turn your crockpot on. I cook my broth for 18 – 24 hours. I start on Low heat and turn it to Warm sometime before I go to bed.


After the broth is finished let it cool. (It’s hard to wait, but you don’t want to burn yourself.) Strain the liquid to separate it from the bones and veggies. You can strain it one more time through a cotton/linen towel if you choose.
I measure it out in 2 cup increments and freeze it flat in a quart size freezer bag or refrigerate it for about a week.
I hope you can see how much money you can save and how much healthier it is to make your own chicken broth. So don’t throw out those bones, throw them in the crockpot!
With home, heart and motherhood


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