How many Tablespoons in a Cup???


I came across a recipe the other day for microwave cake
in a cup. I have seen these recipes all over Pintrest and to be honest I have been pretty skeptical of the recipes.

It just doesn’t seem right to eat a cake that was baked in a microwave…What does seem right
is the fact that there is only one portion…not 16! So I finally gave in and tried it, I even made them for my boys and they were a hit. The blogger who posted the recipe suggests multiplying
the dry ingredients by 10 if you chose to make this quick cake even quicker.

I have multiplied and divided so many recipes in my motherhood, but never one like this. I wasn’t about to measure out 20 T of flour, then cocoa. . I know how many ounces are in ¾ cup and how many quarts are in a gallon, I can tell you how many cups in a pint…but I really needed to know how many Tablespoons were in a cup.

That’s when I remembered I had this cute little cookbook, a souvenir from Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. This old fashioned cookbook, with 100 year old recipes laden in butter, lard and sugar also had very handy information
right in the back. I thought I would post some of these  conversions.  This post is more for my own record than anything else, but hopefully someone will find it useful!

Table of Equivalent Measures

A few grains

Less than 1/8 teaspoon

A Dash

Less than ¼ teaspoon

3 teaspoons

1 Tablespoon

16 Tablespoons

1 Cup

8 Tablespoons

½ Cup

6 Tablespoons

3/8 Cup

4 Tablespoons

¼ Cup

1 Cup

½ Pint

2 Cups

1 Pint

4 Cups

1 Quart

4 Quarts

1 Gallon

2 Gallons

1 Peck

4 Pecks

1 Bushel

2 Tablespoons

1 fluid Ounce

1 Cup

8 fluid Ounces

1 Pint

16 fluid Ounces

My next conversion post will be metric. In the meantime here is a Conversion Calculator!

With heart, home, and motherhood



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