Order Essential Oils Here


Congrats, you are thinking about embarking on an oily journey!  Please read and if there are any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Before you purchase essential oils from Young Living you need to think about what kind of account you would like to maintain.  There are two types of accounts, a customer account and a member account.

  • Customer Account – You will be able to order your oils at your convenience at retail price.  Click this link and follow the directions.  Make sure to click the “Retail Customer” option.

customer sign up

  • Member Account – You will be able to order oils at your convenience at wholesale pricing (24% off of retail).  With the member account you may (but definitely don’t have to) sell oils to earn money.  Because there is an option to earn money you do have to enter your social security number to become a wholesale member.  Your member account will stay active with a $50/year purchase.   However there are are no strings, if you don’t purchase anything in a year your membership will just become inactive.  Here is the link again, please click the “Wholesale Member” option.

member sign up

Step 1 will be personal info (remember SS# will be entered here)

Step 2 is where you choose your starter kit.  By far the Premium kits will be your best deal.  These are going to be $150 – $160 depending on which you choose.  Here is what is in the most commonly purchased premium kit.

What's in a kit

Step 3 I suggest you skip this step and choose the “No Thank You” option at the bottom of it.  This is an autoship program that is really awesome, but you can sign up for it at anytime and I think it best to get to know your oils before signing up for this.

There is a lot to learn about essential oils, but getting your hands on some and putting them to work is a great place to start!

With heart and health,

Sarah Liann



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