DIY Brown Sugar


Up until a couple of months ago I thought there was some secret way brown sugar became BROWN. I knew that molasses was involved, but really there had to be a secret method right? So WRONG! And so glad I was wrong. Living on a shoestring budget has this girl looking for ways to cut back. Not only does this save money, it tastes better.

So how easy
is it? Let me tell you what you need: Sugar
and Molasses… (You may want a bowl and fork or a mixer and something to store it in as well…but I digress.)

Here is what you do. Place sugar in bowl. Pour molasses in bowl. Stir.

That’s easy peasy!

Here are the measurements:

Light Brown Sugar

1 Cup Sugar and 1 T Molasses or

5lb Sugar and ¾ cup (6oz.) Molasses

Dark Brown Sugar

1 Cup Sugar and 2 T Molasses or

5lb Sugar 12oz. bottle of Molasses

Thanks for stoppin’ by and let me know your favorite way to use molasses!

With heart, home and motherhood,